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Pro Plant Ware Pro Plant Ware is encouraging the world to Rethink Cannabis. Specifically, we are promoting the concept that cannabis is actually a food rather then a drug. To learn more about the Rethink Cannabis campaign and shop for Rethink Cannabis clothing, click here. Rethink Cannabis is also participating in the #BHOSafety campaign. This is intended to raise awareness about how to avoid BHO explosions and contaminated medicine. To learn more click here. The core of our business is cutting edge research and development.  As part of this mission, we are continually bioprospecting for new varietals of medical cannabis that are rich in rare, non-psychoactive cannabinoids.  To learn more about  cannabis seeds containing rare cannabinoids, click here. We also promote Probiotic Growing. We believe the future of cannabis treatments is going to be centered around incorporating cannabinoids into our diet in conjunction with probiotic foods. Probiotic foods inoculate the Enteric Nervous System with beneficial microbes that play a key role in our immune system. Some of the live gut microbes found in probiotic foods also live on the cannabis plant where they also help to fight off pathogens. The same microbes can be found in healthy soil where they help support the plant's rhizosphere. To learn more about how Probiotic Growing can work for you, click here.